Almost thwarted by a gate

Trestle Mountain

Tuesday 5 February 2019
A delay was experienced in getting into Wellington Park because the gate on the Collins Cap Fire Trail had been badly damaged by an illegal vehicle that had presumably attempted to push over the barrier.   It looked like we might be thwarted until Lee used a rock to encourage the gate pin to come out. It was quite an exercise getting the gate open and then closed again, requiring plenty of weight on it to get it lined up.
Closing the rammed gate which had been damaged

Once at the Trestle mountain site the linking track between the fire trail, that is used by walkers was both cleared of encroaching vegetation and rocks and drains put in on the muddiest spots.
Trimmed link track

Adrian and Greg working on a wet spot  - photo Ben Masterman

With that done the track to the summit was trimmed and we just had enough time to go the misty summit of Trestle Mountain, where there was a bonus find of a geocache for Adrian and Peter.