Fixing a Long Standing Problem

Lost World Track.
Tuesday 5 March 2019

The start near the road at Big Bend crosses a soakage that is the headwaters to New Town Rivulet. It is usually wet and a little boggy for much of the year. The work was to install stepping stones to make it better for walkers.

The project was conducted with the City of Hobart  who provided equipment and  skilled personnel. The length of section is about 25 metres and most of the rock was able to be delivered rather than sourced from the site.
Almost finished Lost World
This is what the mud looked like at start of Lost World Track Jan 2019

Rocks used were all quite large and designed to be mostly below ground level. At times when a lot of water is present it is expected that some may be above the top of the rocks, but will still provide a solid base for people to step on.  It is not intended to provide a dry boot standard of track. As well as improving walker access the section will better protect the vegetation that currently is taking a battering.

Follow up checks will be made to monitor the expected improvements in condition of the location.