Spurge and Broom

Tuesday 29 January 2019

As part of a removal of spurge beside the Main fire Trail, some weed actions were also  planned for the Lenah Valley entrance to the park.  The Main FT area was however out of bounds due to high fire risk and only work in the Lenah Valley site was permitted.  I thought this would only take about an hour to complete but as is often the case, many more weeds were located than first thought.

Spurge from near the old farm ruins was cleared by simply pulling out. The area had been swept through a little over a month prior and what may have been very small plants then were now often 15cm high.

Nearer New Town Rivulet broom plants were located and removed, also by pulling out. This area had been last actioned in 2006, but for some reason the last 12 months many seedling had sprung up. About half were quite small with only a few leaves and 4-5 cm high.

Elsewhere blackberry and isolated spurge patches were removed, including one lot near the creek that were quite mature.

The weather remained warm but quite pleasant until near the middle of the day; by then it was pack up time anyway.

Hybrid of the native Pittosporum bicolor and exotic Pittosporum undulatum    Photo Bec Johnson

This tree was near the worksite and was spotted by Bec

Spider at Lenah Valley site    photo Chris Woods

Spider at Lenah Valley site    photo Chris Woods

Fungus  at Lenah Valley site    photo Chris Woods