Tolosa Weed Removal


Tuesday 4 February 2014

It was ideal weather and we spent the first part of the morning pulling out small Erica plants from the site just south of the former pine area.   Although a lot were removed more still remain.  It is however somewhat tedious work and the second part of the morning was spent locating and removing mostly mature bushes of Erica in the zone on the south side of Knights Trail towards the TasWater weir.

A few pines several metres tall, but not too thick in the trunk were sawn down in this latter area and several patches of Erica was discovered and removed.

Ted with pine to cut down

Ted with pine to cut down

Lunch time

Lunch time

Bird nest at tolosa

        Bird nest John found

The annual meeting for Wildcare was held at morning tea break.  It was decided that Peter would take on the President role, which Mike decided to relinquish.  John was appointed Secretary.   Mike had been President since the group joined Wildcare and his efforts in fostering Wellington Park Bushcare Group  is most appreciated.