Inglewood Gorse removal Continues

Tuesday 2 September 2014

A couple of very light spots of rain were noticed as reached the cars at the end of the working bee; up until then the weather had been delightful.

We continued clearing the Gorse on the south side of Inglewood Fire trail where a mixture of thin wispy plants under the more open canopy and large taller bushes elsewhere. This area is down towards the bottom of the area and is one of the more heavily infested spots we have come across.

There is still plenty remaining and it is slow to gain cleared territory, but we are getting there.

Photos of a Gorse patch before left and after right

IMG_0261 Gorse in flower Before

IMG_0262 Gorse after most removed










IMG_0263 Closer view of area cleared

Closer view of cleared site


IMG_0265 Cleared and uncleared within bush

Cleared and the Gorse wall remaining


Area cleared of Gorse