Protecting the Bush–Goat Hills Erica

Tuesday 3 February 2015
It had been over 10 years since the group first cleared Erica from this 4.6 hectares of bushland in Goat Hills. 

Greg, one of our members, arranged for transport to the work site and that made the effort of getting there a lot easier as it usually takes 45 minutes to walk.

Bush scene at work site in Goat Hills
The bush was subjected to a management burn about a year after our initial foray.  The flora is now in a quite healthy state, but unfortunately Erica has also grown up and is dispersed over the site.   Partly because other nearby areas has taken up our time, we have not been back since 2008 to follow up until this month.  Originally a thickly infested spot of about half hectare, had been left hoping that contractors might spray it, but that hasn’t eventuated yet.  Our work this time cleared a fair proportion of the regrowth and we were able to both push back the weed free line and also scout over a large part of the bushland to remove stray Erica.

At work site in Goat Hills

A return visit will be made in a few months time.

A few other photos are online, click the image below to view.
Goat Hills Feb 2015


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