Collins Bonnet Track - The Bogs Avoided

Tuesday 28 April 2015
On the upper part of the track to Collins Bonnet in the Western Wellingtons went through two degraded spots but not anymore. In a joint venture with Parks and Wildlife we have rerouted the track on to harder ground.
The two sections went through pineapple grass and this plant breaks down badly with heavy usage. Deep bogs had developed and as walkers tried to avoid them simply created wider and wider muddy tracks. The combined length of the reroutes was 100 metres so it was not a huge distance and was able to done in a single session.
Another section of track had also deteriorated due to water runoff, but it did go over ground with a fair number of rocks. This was drained and additional rocks added to make crossing much more pleasant.
View down the rerouted section 2 of track with Peter and Greg

Bottom part of section 2 of the reroute
Wet and muddy area with rock hardening added.

On upper part of section 2 reroute Adrian, Ben and  PeterGreg and Peter installing marker pole with Ben looking on, top section 1Top part of section 1 reroute, with Peter and Greg installing marker poleView up from bottom of reroute section 1

Collins Bonnet Reroute April 15

There is also a photo album on line – click the image below to view.
Collins Bonnet April 2015