Collins Bonnet Track June 2015 - Clearing Benefits Walkers

Thursday 11 June 2015
This was the third day of track clearing that the Wellington Park Bushcare Group has put in on the Collins Bonnet track.  The section from Myrtle Forest Creek up to the plateau below Collins Bonnet has been heavily overgrown for many years, but the group has cleared over 900 metres and has another 250 to go. The difference is quite remarkable and we are really pleased how the track now looks. The latest working bee did 300m and was complicated by remnants of snow that had to be knocked off bushes before cutting. The site is on the sunny flank of the mountain and on this occasion we enjoyed the warmth even on this winter day.
In August 2014 three walkers lost the track and spent part of the night huddled in the bush until recued, so the track once fully cleared should make a repeat much less likely. 
The two photos below show the track before and after work was done.
Track prior to work Site K
Track after clearing Site K
More photos are on line by clicking the image below.
Collins Bonnet June 2015