Tolosa - We just beat the rain

Tuesday 4 august 2015

As predicted snow was at sea level on Monday, but fortunately Tuesday was a much more congenial day for working in the bush. Even so, the snow was clearly visible a short bit higher up but with sun out it was quite pleasant where we were located. Soon after packing up and going out the gate rain started so our timing was most fortuitous.
Morning break was enhanced by tasty slices sent along for us by Stuart from Glenorchy Council and Hannah also from there provided the group with some new equipment, which is most appreciated. Another difference this day was the Green Army joining us to help, they have been working in this part of the park for a couple of months and have cleared lots of weeds.
The Tolosa site is one we have been working in for many years and as usual the task was to scan the area for new plants. We were able to go over the whole of the northern sector of the site including along some nice banks above Humphrey Rivulet. All this was achieved before morning tea and although there were enough plants to keep us busy the number was quite manageable. It had been 4 years since we last were able to get to the furthest off spot and it was found to still be in good shape.

Bush at the northern end of the Tolosa site
The remainder of the time was spent in a sweep of the southern part of the site and a big chunk of this had not been visited for several years. Here we did find a few thick patches of small Erica, but the vast bulk had never grown enough to flower. All found were removed.
Whilst walking though the bush we spotted a park sign for Knights track that had been detached and thrown quite a distance from its post. Greg had the right tools in his car to firmly refix it.
In all a very satisfying day.
Lunchtime at Tolosa with Chris, Bronwyn, Sabine, Brian, Adrian and Greg