Collins Bonnet Track - Getting Close

Tuesday 17 November 2015
Before today there was 290 metres of track remaining to clear and we went very close to finishing. In this section high up the slope there were parts with thick Bauera which the petrol hedge trimmer that Peter from PWS brought along was very effective in clearing back from the track. The section below this of a variety of bushes was tackled with loppers and saws. Between the two sections is a mere 40 metres of scrub that will have to wait for another day. The length track cleared by each method was almost exactly equal distance of 130 metres each.
That done with the trimmer still requires vegetation cutting back where it is close to rocks or the ground, so will need work but of a much more minor nature.
Site before clearing
Before clearing above and after below
Site after clearing

Hard at work, Scott, Greg  and Brian
Hard at work

And below photos of the newly cleared track
Cleared Track
Cleared Track