A Vigorous Native - Mount Connection Track

8 March 2016

Part of the now cleared track

For quite a number of years the track near the headwaters of Mountain River has been in need of trimming. The track leads to Mount Connection in Wellington Park and the Bauera, a vigorous native plant, has bit by bit been reclaiming ground and making walkers clothing wet whenever there had been dew or rain.  After a day of work there is now a much wider gap for the first 200 metres through.

The group was able to purchase a petrol driven hedge trimmer and after going through the necessary processes with PWS we were able to trial it this track which was ideal for the purpose. We were very pleased with results and a great deal more track length was cleared than would have been possible with just manual hand tools.  The only negative was the need to carry the extra weight of the trimmer, fuel and protective gear, so we have resolved to try to arrange transport with PWS closer to the work in future.

Adrian at start of section and on right after the work has been completed
Below is part of the track prior to the work
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