Not Much Found - Tolosa

Tuesday 2 August 2016
The whole of the site was checked as it was a year ago that it was last done. Once gain the area was in good condition and very few Erica plants were located. We had time to go through the steeper site on the south side of fire trail that crosses Humphrey Rivulet.
We installed an infrared camera  to monitor wildlife  and it will be interesting to find out what has been captured.
The pines that we ring-barked some years ago are all looking very dead and some have even fallen over.

The Epacris in the area appears to have been heavily grazed probably by wallabies (we actually saw a couple whilst there) and is not looking too good.

View from camera site

Infrared camera on tree at Tolosa

Dead pines at Tolosa treated in 2013

Dead pines at Tolosa treated in 2013

Ring barked pines at Tolosa


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