Broom Below Trestle

Thursday 20 October 2016

As this site had not been visited since 2012 Greg K and I made a trip up to check on the situation.  The track up had surprisingly few tress down over it, but just beyond the start of Mountain River Trail  a large wattle had come down and someone had sawn through branches enabling thoroughfare, and a short distance after the crossing of Trestle Creek there were two large old Eucalypts smashed up all over the track; quite a mess off rotting wood.   Along the early part particularly there had been a number of small recently sawn trunks and there was also no real sign of bikes having been on the track.
On arriving at the Broom site we thought there didn’t seem to be much in way of seedlings or small plants there, but on closer inspection it was discovered there was a considerable number spread about.  Most were very small but a few larger ones were found. The site was combed over and each part had a least two scans. Many were hidden away under other bushes or in crevices beside rocks and even though there didn’t seem to many, we each would have pulled out ta couple of hundred.
Well worth the visit, especially as hardly nay had reached flowering age in this slow growing environment.   The native plant recruitment was progressing well.
The weather was fine with a weak bit of sun getting through the cloud at times and windy. It took us about an hour  to walk there and much the same back down.


  1. Well done Peter and Greg, I pulled a few in 2014 and I guess missed a few by the sounds of it. Worth going back every couple of years, eh?
    Cheers, B


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