Trimming Wild growth

Mount Connection

Tuesday 7 November 2017

There was 600 metres of quite dense vegetation reclaiming the Mount Connection Track. One of the dominant plants was Bauera, typically with masses of wiry branches that make it slow work to clear. However, since we acquired hedge trimmers the difference in what can be achieved on a day is amazing. One of these trimmers, together with safety gear, was purchased from a Wildcare grant.

Nevertheless, using the trimmers is hot and tiring work and we shared the load; albeit somewhat unevenly. The rest of the crew concentrated on the bigger bushes and trees, plus the tidying up.

The track now looks great and it is now most pleasant to walk along.  Some tuning remains as well as a short untouched section. 

Track before

Track after work

Adrian using a hedge trimmer

Greg trimming

A photo album is online or click image below

Ben on the track


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