It seems never ending – Goats Hills Erica

Tuesday 1 December 2015

We have been going up to a bushland site at Goat Hills for 12 years removing the dastardly weed, Erica lusitanica (Spanish Heath) and, whilst it seems a never ending task, considerable progress has been made.  On this visit the plants being removed were mostly small, but there were still pockets of somewhat taller 2-3 year-old bushes often tucked away within grasses, sags and other native vegetation. 

It is a nice bit of bush to work in and getting there was made easier by Hannah from Glenorchy Council and Ben the Wellington Park ranger driving us to the site.  That wasn’t the only bonus today, because we were treated to jostaberry cake from Allison and lemon cake from Sue. But it was the last time working with Hannah who is about to commence maternity leave and we wish her well.