Damp Bush - Goat Hills

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Goat Hills
Although the work was cancelled because of the weather prevailing on the morning, some activities went ahead in lieu.  Harry from Glenorchy City wanted to survey a site in Goat Hills to assess how much work would be involved in clearing the Erica remaining.

When I arrived, there was a new volunteer, Chris, was waiting.  It transpired that the Wildcare booking system had stopped sending advisory emails to the group and so I was unaware that he would be there.  Wildcare has been told about the problem and hopefully the system has now been rectified.  

From the time, we started up the fire trail the weather turned fine and there were sunny periods. It is always a quandary with the weather, but a decision on cancelling had to be made by 7:30 am, but the bush remained quite wet which is not ideal conditions for working in.

Back to the survey, the area has patches of Erica of differing concentrations and covers some 1.3 hectares.  With luck a contractor can be organised to do the work over the next few months.

Prior to leaving we made a visit to the nearby Epacris acuminata site where there were even a few plants in flower. The main flowering time here is usually August to October.