Great Progress

Devils Throne Reroute

Wednesday 17 May 2017 

It really good effort with 280 metres cut, leaving 210 metres to go.

About two thirds of the work was over solid ground, some with substantial shrub cover which was cut through to make the track. The remainder was reasonable but had low scrubby and dense vegetation that is slow to cut. By the end of the day we had reached section of the route that is on the hardest ground and that extends all the way over the last 200 metres that remains to be done. 

No rockwork was done today as we did not have our rock specialist to help. There are a few short damp spots that will need to treatment and several spots would be improved by manoeuvring some the rocks to make passage easier. 

It is very likely that one more session will see the route fully cut and a further session after that for surface improvement.

Section through scrub before work, site D

Site D after cutting